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The next president’s first priorities

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Thought you might get a kick out of a news video I put together as a demonstration for my Reinventing the News class at Northeastern. Not gripping journalism, but evidence that modern media tools make it possible even for an old guy like me to make credible-looking video.

The breakthrough here is that I figured out how to add B-roll with iMovie 7 (also known as iMovie ’08 under Apple’s bizarre naming conventions). I used stills for the B-roll in this example, but the principle would be the same if I had used video instead.

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  1. tvoh

    The technology is good and as a demo of what can be done, not bad.Had you titled it, JUST HOW PREDICTABLE CAN NORTHEASTERN COMMUNITY MEMBERS CAN BE? It might have been of some news interest instead of just an experiment.Oh, wait. We already know how predictable.

  2. DonnaMacKenzie

    Not bad Dan…pretty good in fact…Keep up all the good work on Beat The Press….I’ll be watching !!! Your MHS classmate !!! Donna Mac

  3. Vox

    tvoh’s snippiness is unnecessary. There is tremendous potential here. Journalism from the bottom up in the best possible sense of the term. I wonder if Bruce Sterling still thinks that blogs are dead?

  4. Mark

    Nice work Dan.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Donna MacKenzie! Wow. It has been a very long time. Thank you so much for checking in.

  6. Doug Shugarts

    A related question, if it’s not too late. What’s your thinking, and teaching, about obtaining releases from those whom you interview for web video?

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Doug: Absolutely no need for releases when you’re doing journalism. No different from interviewing them with a notebook and a pen.

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