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NewsBusters jumps the shark

OK, I suppose there have been many sharks since it jumped its first. Anyway, the watchdog of the vast liberal media conspiracy gums the ankle of — yes — that pro-Obama propaganda sheet the Boston Herald. Adam Reilly explains.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    Actually Dan, it’s the Herald that has jumped the shark, not Newsbusters. I canceled Herald home delivery after they endorsed Nikki Tsongas over Jim Ogonowski. I allowed the subscription for my business to lapse for several days last week due to the liberalism of Gelzinis and Eagan. If I wanted the Globe’s politics, I would buy it along with all the extras that come with it.Don’t take my word for it though. Whenever the subject turns to Boston media, Howie Carr spends a good portion of his WRKO show apologizing to callers who have also canceled the Herald due to the unsolicited liberal slant. McAdam and Edes were great recent pickups in sports, but if something isn’t done soon with the columnists and editorial writers, stick a fork in the Herald. If the choice is going to be liberal or liberal lite, people will choose the real thing every time.

  2. Brian Flaherty

    I agree – I don’t think Newsbusters has jumped the shark, they’re just calling it as they see it.

  3. Ani

    I think it must be enervating to maintain the snarky tone that has come to pervade so much of the media, whatever point is being reported or opined — it’s certainly tiring to read. (There, I can be snarky, too.) I’m guessing it’s part of our broader culture and I’m showing my age in my distaste for the new. But I do actually think snarkiness narrows the conversation and makes it harder to change position, and hence is detrimental to progress.

  4. Michael Pahre

    The Tsongas endorsement notwithstanding, I’ve heard the Herald called many things… but never a liberal-biased media outlet in the tank for Obama. That’s a stretch.Did NewsBusters realize that the story’s byline was from McClatchey (with an unattributed byline from Margaret Talev of their Washington bureau), hence not a Herald story per se?

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