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Bring back the League of Women Voters

Cynthia Stead writes in the Cape Cod Times that the League of Women Voters could do — and have done — a better job of running the presidential debates than the media folks who moderated them this year. She’s right.

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  1. Esther

    Yeah, you’re probably right, but I don’t think the media folks will give them up.

  2. O-FISH-L

    Can we hand the reporting over to the League also? I mean, it can’t get any worse. When even the likes of Emily Rooney notice the bias and ABC’s Michael Malone is embarrassed to be called a journalist, there’s a HUGE problem. I’m not sure if this campaign marks the end of the Reagan Revolution, but it certainly is the death knell for the MSM.

  3. Tony

    Cynthia has here candidates mixed up with this line: The CPD was formed for the 1988 debates between Bush and Clinton, as both parties felt the LWV was too “rigid” in its policies.Bush, Clinton, and Perot were 1992; Bush, Dukakis were 1988. According to the CPD Web site, they were formed in 1987. There is nothing in the Constitution or media law or anything else that says the LWV can’t wrestle back its power to hold the debates. Since the CPD is nothing more than consortium of the two major parties, funded by large corporations, there is no rule or law saying they are the only ones to hold the debates. The candidates just agree to adhere to their rules. It’s a disgrace and the debates haven’t asked serious questions for a long, long time.

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