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Reese Hopkins is gone

Yeah, I know. Reese who? Financially troubled WRKO (AM 680) has decided to replace him with syndicated talker Laura Ingraham, who was dumped recently by WTKK (96.9 FM) to make way for — and no, you really can’t make this stuff up — Curtis Sliwa, of 1980s Guardian Angels fame.

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So what about those death threats?


Not dead yet


  1. Juggling Frogs

    This makes me sad. I enjoyed his show.

  2. Tony

    Everyone feels bad for others who lose their jobs. And the few times I listened to Reece, he was mildly entertaining. But I have always wondered why they hired a conservative black New Yorker for that time slot in the first place. Especially when there are so many out of work – or out of radio work – New Englanders, some of them minorities too, who could have built a base of advertisers to support a local host in that time slot. What was the point if you were just going to lay the guy off after a year? And why was no progressive host hired to even try to see if that might work in between the felon who is unlistenable most mornings and the pill-popping, drug dealing Limboob? As a WRKO listener for more than two decades [granted, off and on in recent years] and even a listener to the station as a boy when it was Top 40, I really have to wonder what the strategy is over there. This move leaves WRKO with two – yup, two – local hosts on weekdays. At the same time, over at WEEI, they are hiring sports writers away from newspapers to blog! Gee. If you can’t afford more than three local hosts on one of the top stations in the number 10 market, what does that say about your business model? What does that say to a WRKO listener who cares about local topical issues in the cradle of Liberty? I know what it tells me as an on and off WRKO listener. It tells me that they don’t give a shit about the listeners at all … or at least seem to not give a shit.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Tony: It tells me that Entercom doesn’t want WRKO competing with the WEEI cash cow. Yet another argument for ownership limits.

  4. Dot Lane

    “Everyone feels bad for others who lose their jobs.”I don’t. I will be drinking champagne when Bush loses his. I can also think of a few other WRKO hosts I was happy to see get canned. Unfortunately it looks like we’re stuck with Gerry Callahan for the duration. But Dan, don’t you think WEEI is so successful that it sucks a lot of money out of the market leaving less for WRKO? It doesn’t really seem like a case of competition, just that they need someone to fill the space on WRKO because audience share is stagnant.

  5. Tunder

    Jesus, could they have gone any lower than choosing Laura Ingraham? At least Reece wasn’t completely unlistenable and offered opposing viewpoints at times. (Although I must admit that I was an occasional listener and might be completely off on that)If “On Point” was discussing something that didn’t interest me, I could at least handle a few minutes with Reese before Jim and Marjery started at noon. Now it’s either Ingraham or Michael Graham(complete buffoon)?Fuhgettaboutit!!! When I heard that Graham used to be a stand-up comedian, I almost fell off my chair. The Mallard Fillmore school of comedy no doubt.

  6. acf

    Don’t listen to them. Won’t listen to them.

  7. Peter Porcupine

    DK = Like Finneran. REALLY like Laura. Commute vastly improved!

  8. O'Rion

    Laura in swell form on Imus yesterday cracking on Hillary’s appearance.

  9. Amused

    Hope all the people who led the drive to decertify the union are happy with themselves, as Entercom has ended contributions to employee retirement accounts.They couldn’t do that with union pension funds.The Callahans and Carrs of the world must be thrilled to have led a drive that screws people making a living wage while they continue to sock thousands of dollars away for their retirements. Working stiffs depend on company promises of contributions to retirement accounts and were led down a primrose path where the Callahans and Carrs told them to trust the company. It was a lie then and it’s a lie now. Closed circuit to Entercom Boston employees: AFTRA is the best thing that ever happened to broadcast employees. Never trust highly-paid right-wing wackos who want to screw you so they get out of paying dues that, in reality, are trivial.

  10. Brian Flaherty

    WRKO is a joke now. I am impressed that WTKK has gone live and local from 9am-1am everyday. They even have a ton of live shows on weekends. WRKO is nothing but a bunch of infomercials and piped in national shows.I must confess that I like Curtis Sliwa’s show. I was bummed that Laura was bumped but I find his show somewhat entertaining.

  11. Stella

    Must be my dotage, but no one personally known to me listens to radio with the occasional exception of a classical music station.And, from what I’ve seen, the kiddoes are only interested in playing their own selections of that racket they love.

  12. The Arranger

    I’d also be happy to see Gerald L.K. Callahan (yes. I know it’s an obscure reference) get his walking papers.Talk radio, even at its best, will rot your brain. I even thought St. David and St. Christopher were unlistenable. I think the best talk radio host Boston has seen was Gene Burns, even though I rarely agreed with him. And I do have a sentimental spot in my heart for early Eddie Andelman.Bob in Peabody

  13. raccoonradio

    And now the Herald messenger blog says a producer for Howie Carr has been let go. I don’t know if it’s the longtime Nancy “Sandy” Shack or the more recent “Happy”.

  14. John

    All you bleeding hearts need to shut your pie holes and realize that someone like Rush has more credibility in his little finger than all of you put together. Maybe Reese did make some mistakes. Are you all perfect? NOT Time for a long hard look in the mirror and OH by the way while crossing your fingers the socialist doesn’t get into the White House. I have enough of my life run now by Government without putting “Senator Government” in there!!!

  15. Dan Kennedy

    Maybe Reese did make some mistakes.Yes, but did anyone hear those mistakes? If a tree falls in the forest …

  16. PORTUGAL10

    Sorry to hear that he is gone he will be missed. He was our Joe the Plumber.I sure hope it wasn't because he talked yesterday about the Lawsuit against Obama that is pening in Federal Court in Philadelphia.With names like Barack, Mouhammed & Obama the least of his worries is being called Hussein (dead dictator).Great news from Hawaii, UT, CA, FL etc lawsuits in progress. America is counting on us to shed light on this FRAUD. Where in the World was WaldObama born?? 50 lawsuits in 50 states in 10 days based on Berg vs Obama Lawsuit. Lets get this done. We need an AVALANCHE of LAWSUITS than the media won't ignore this issue any more. for info on lawsuit.Let's all become Joe the Plumbers EVERYWHERE Joe gave us a great gift & they are scared of Joe the Plumber. Lets all show solidarity. The MSM & WaldObama are afraid of this. They are trying to discredit Joe so let's all join with him & be Joe the Plumbers EVERYWHERE. Thanks, Joe the Plumber (ZerObama) Massachusetts

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