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Not dead yet

I hang my head in shame today, as I confess that I went to bed shortly after 10 last night, with the score 5-0.

I do have an excuse — I was at my desk at 6:30 a.m. yesterday so I could start working on this. I was pretty fried. Still, I missed the greatest comeback since 1929.

And yes, I would start Beckett tomorrow, as long as he says he’s healthy.

Update: I just joined the Facebook group Fair Weather Red Sox Fans. Which I’m really not. I swear.

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  1. Berto

    I’ll do you one worse, Dan: I did stay up for the end of the game, but I was well into snotty “I told you we shouldn’t have traded Manny. We coulda used those runs” tirades with anyone who would listen. At least you had the good sense to go to bed in resignation instead of looking the fool. 🙂

  2. jhall

    Could be worse. We were at the game, and left. Got home in time to see all the heroics, but couldn’t enjoy it because I was so pissed we left. I was almost rooting against them, so I wouldn’t feel like a complete idiot for leaving.I just created a Facebook group for all us loosers:

  3. cavard

    I stayed up the entire game too. I almost didn’t fall asleep because I was so jacked up after their win. It was a classic fall baseball game. What will the Red Sox pull out of the hat next?This is unreal. Momentum is in the Red Sox court and they’re not going to lose it. They’re too experienced not to capitalize on this big win. Go Sox!

  4. Sean Roche

    Nothing to be ashamed of, Dan.In fact, because of analagous behavior by a whole row of people about 15 rows up from the field, my friend and I enjoyed an improved (from our original seats)view of the on-field dramatics.The last time that happened to us was October 17, 2004.

  5. Stella

    This was a very beautiful thing!

  6. Michelle

    Got to love the sox. But I do have a small problem with something their organization wants to do. I am originally from Mass grew up watching the sox. I was dragged to YUP you guessed it FORT MYERS,FLA when I was 18(now42). Fort Myers told the sox come here we will gaurentee you a series. And we delivered and now the office people want to move them away. NOT COOL. They need to wise up and stay here.

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