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Patrick’s star is rising

When a member of the Governor’s Council wants your endorsement enough to fake it, then your reputation is definitely on the upswing.

Jeremy Jacobs reports at PolitickerMA that Kelly Timilty has sent out campaign literature featuring a fictitious endorsement by Gov. Deval Patrick, complete with his forged signature.

Congratulations, Governor. You’ve truly arrived.

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    And THIS is the person who helps choose judges!On second thought, that WOULD explain a lot…

  2. O-FISH-L

    If Jeremy Jacobs cared as much about owning the Bruins as he does about covering Kelly Timilty’s phony endorsement, professional hockey might be exciting again in this town.In all seriousness though, isn’t Kelly Timilty (D-Dedham) the daughter of “Jailbird Joe” Timilty (D-Boston) indicted once for fraud, and the grand niece of “Diamond Joe” Timilty (D-Boston) who was indicted twice? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Taking a salary to serve on the Governor’s Council is a major crime in my book. Everything else is a lesser offense.During my years at the Phoenix, whenever we’d have an editorial board with a candidate for Governor’s Council (not often), I would just have one question: Will you work to do away with it? (OK, two: And why not?)It is literally a third branch of the legislature, formed to keep an eye on the royal governor. The state Senate could pass on judicial nominations just as incompetently, and at least we have some idea of who they are.

  4. O-FISH-L

    If Question One passes and everything is on the table in terms of cuts, the Governor’s Council might be a good place to start, however symbolic the savings might be. A buck here and a buck there and pretty soon it’s real money. The state should eliminate whatever remains of county government as well. Didn’t we eliminate some counties governments and not others during the early days of Weld?While I think Deval Patrick’s police detail “reform” plan is smoke and mirrors, he might actually earn some respect from me if he proposed eliminating the Governor’s Council and remnants of the county government structure.

  5. Dunwich

    The positive comment took some nerve. But the forged signature sort of passes into a kind of would-be criminality.

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