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The media’s lost authority

The media have been clowning (to borrow a phrase from the Incomparable One) about our political figures for years. Now that they’re starting to call John McCain on his dishonest campaign, they’re shocked that no one takes them seriously anymore.

Eric Boehlert explains.

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  1. (Terry)

    Nice blog!thank you for the viewing.A fellow blogger,Terry

  2. tvoh

    After umpty gazillion Kennedy posts about Palin being the antichrist, you still have authourity with me, Dan.I really like how you mentioned the stupidity of wanting to admit Georgia to NATO as Palin does. Now that’s serious stuff. More important than minutiae like tanning beds.Obama would never be that stupid.

  3. bob gardner

    Here we are in the middle of the biggest financial crisis since the S&L scandal and no one seems to remember that McCain is the poster boy for the S&L crisis. He's one of the Keating Five, and no one (and I don't just mean the mainstream press; I mean no one) is bringing up that scandal. If anyone did, they would notice that Mccain rolled over for Charles Keating the same way he rolled over for Phyllis Schaffley a couple weeks ago.

  4. Ani

    This business that the points being brought up by the media to criticize McCain/Palin aren’t being taken seriously because the media have discredited themselves reminds me of a child thinking s/he is responsible for her/his parents’ divorce. The people who support candidates like Palin seem to do so on a basis that is not easily undermined by rational, objective discourse — kind of like Bush finding an affinity with leaders by looking into Putin’s eyes or using the same toothpaste as Tony Blair.

  5. Peter Porcupine

    Ani – do you seriously contend that the ObamAdoration of The One is based on ‘rational, objective disocurse’?

  6. Ani

    That kind of begs the question, doesn’t it, since “adoration” generally speaking is not about rational, objective discourse.

  7. An Astute Observer

    Can we laugh at the fact that you’re referencing “Media Matters” ??

  8. bostonph

    ani,Just FYI, Peter Porcupine is a member of the Mass. GOP State Committee. The Obama adoration schtick is a 100% pure McCain talking point. I believe the campaign gives points for repeating them in blogs, especially liberal ones. PP should have herself a new toaster, soon.

  9. Ani

    bostonph,Thank you for the clarification. I actually think it’s interesting that Obama’s ability to inspire people becomes a ‘taunting point’ — reminds me of junior high …

  10. An Astute Observer

    >> do you seriously contend that the ObamAdoration of The One is based on 'rational, objective disocurse'?<<That's what Dan is doing "ObamAdoration"! LOLYou hit the nail on the head….and they see themselves as rational and objective.

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