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The Prince of Darkness checks in

Syndicated columnist Robert Novak writes about his battle with brain cancer. Well worth reading. And best wishes to the Prince of Darkness, a true American original.

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  1. Sean Roche

    There is so much wrong with Novak’s column, it’s tough to know where to start. But, how about his concluding that President Bush is a compassionate man because he called Novak, a major media figure, to wish him well before surgery. Narcissistic and solipsistic in one bite.American original? No, an odious hack.

  2. The Arranger

    People today tend to think of Novak as the Angry Old Man of mainstream media, but at one time he revolutionized political column writing in much the same way Gammons revolutionized baseball coverage — digging for insider dope rather than taking the Walter Lippman high-flown approach.Bob in Peabody

  3. Prospecticus

    Too much Novakula,not enough Novak. He should end his enmity for Valerie Plame (and husband). While I wish him all the solace he can get(in Catholicism), I’d prefer he’d stayed with his former team. Seriously, may he and all other afflicted be comforted in any way possible.

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