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Talking about Edwards on Channel 5

I’ll be on WCVB-TV (Channel 5) today during the 11 p.m. news, talking about the fallout from John Edwards’ finally admitting that, yes, he had an affair.

Mickey Kaus has been pushing this story for weeks, so watch him crow.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    Don’t talk for too long Dan. Leave plenty of air-time for the televised statement from N.O.W. After all, this vulnerable young womyn was a subordinate working for the Edwards campaign when this pig of a predator took advantage of her. This is bigger than pubic hair on a Coke can, right?Kaus has it right. Making the announcement on a Friday, in August, the night of the Olympic ceremonies and at the start of a new war is just PRICELESS. And Edwards says it’s not about him anymore. Riiiiiiiight!

  2. Dan Kennedy

    The only reason I ever thought this wasn’t news was that Edwards barely qualifies as a public person, his desperate efforts to be relevant notwithstanding.”Young woman”? She’s 42. OK, she’s younger than I am!

  3. O-FISH-L

    Surely you jest, Dan. Edwards is CURRENTLY third in line for the Democrat nomination for President, at least as far as delegates go. Not to mention he’s their immediate past nominee for VP and and a very recent US Senator. Barely a public person? ROFLMAO.I haven’t had time to research this on my own, but Howie Carr and some of his callers today questioned whether Edwards, allowed by the media to live a lie throughout his 2008 campaign, may have tipped certain winner-take-all states away from Hillary, thereby manipulating the entire race for Obama.If that’s the case, it’s not just egg on the face of the media, but bacon, homefries and toast too.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    I was listening to Howie today, too, and I think that actually might be right, especially in a few of the early states. Clinton came in third in Iowa, which was devastating — even though she won New Hampshire, it’s fair to say she never fully recovered.I first became aware of Edwards at the 2000 DNC, when I covered him speaking to the Mass. delegation. I was not, shall we say, impressed, and I’ve just never been able to take him seriously.

  5. Tish Grier

    Whether you took Edwards seriously or not doesn’t really matter…What matters is that right now, in order to distract people from a failing economy and two candidates who have no viable solutions to help the people, the press has to dig up something that’s really nothing more than fodder for the National Enquirer.Seriously–who really cares if Edwards had an affair? I don’t. And I believe most of the American populace is acting like a bunch of hypocrites if they say that it’s such a big deal to them that they’d *never* vote for the guy or are ashamed of him. Affairs happen. It’s just life. And more women (and men) are cheated on than they’d ever admit to in public. It’s time for us to really get a grip and start pressing the present candidates to come up with solutions to the problems at hand, and not looking for dirt under the fingernails of someone who really doesn’t matter at this point.

  6. Bill Baar

    Edwards and especially his wife represent a core group in the party. They were going to be featured speakers at the convention and would have balanced Clinton and Clinton in Denver. They’d have taken some of the limelight from that pair and Obama desperately needed that……you have to wonder why Edwards even got into the race other than as a spoiler in a deal made with Edward’s fomer aid and now Obama chief strategist David Axelrod.That’s the only possible explaination for anything this brazen.

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Bill: Edwards began his 2008 presidential campaign the moment the polls closed in 2004, at a time when he couldn’t have conceived of Obama’s running for president.Actually, I think he began his 2008 campaign the second Kerry picked him as his running mate, which would explain why he was so ineffective in that role.

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