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An ugly smear is about to have its day

In my latest for the Guardian, I deconstruct a hateful lie about Barack Obama — that his support for abortion rights is so extreme that it extends to infanticide. And I warn that this lie is starting to make its way into mainstream discourse.

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  1. Leslie

    I live in New Mexico. Before the primaries ended a woman who is not an idiot (our capable UPS driver) told me with all seriousness that while Obama claims to be a Christian he was sworn in as US Senator with his hand on a Koran. Where did she hear that? She didn’t remember. I told her this is a lie. She said, “Hmmm.” I don’t think she believed me. Scary. Leslie

  2. bigyaz

    I hadn’t heard this one at all, and I follow politics closely. Thanks to bloggers like you it’s going to get more traction.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Bigyaz: “You bloggers”? As I reported, it’s gotten a full airing on CNN and this week made the leap into the New York Times.

  4. mike_b1

    So why not go after Corsi for slander?

  5. Mark

    I understand the difference between the state and federal bills, but I still have a huge problem with Obama’s vote on the issue.Maybe it’s because I’m pro-life – but I think that voting to not give medical care to a “born alive” baby that survived a late-term abortion is sickening.It’s almost worse that he was cold and calculating enough to vote against such a humane measure because he thought it would have ramifications on the state’s abortion laws.I understand what he was thinking – and I still think it’s sick.

  6. Don, American

    Would you were at least as much concerned about the lies that have been told about President Bush and his administration over the years. Or is it that if you’re a Republican, they’re always true?

  7. O-FISH-L

    Dan wrote in “The Guardian”:”But there’s something else going on here, and it speaks volumes about our broken political culture. Apparently we are so divided that it seems perfectly reasonable to at least some voters that a major-party presidential candidate would support murdering newly born infants.”—Um, yeah Dan. It’s perfectly reasonable because Obama, Kerry and other leading Dems support murdering partially born infants, so why would anyone be shocked at their support for murdering the same infant a second or two later? We all know they’ll do what Planned Parenthood tells them to do. Sheesh.

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