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Yvonne Abraham gets a tetanus shot.

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  1. mike_b1

    May be the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud at something you wrote, Dan, but it was well worth the wait.

  2. o-fish-l

    Everyone knows the Globe hates Republicans, but one would think that former Gov. Bill Weld (R-MA) was ultra-liberal enough on the social issues to receive at least honorable mention in a Globe column about swimming in the questionable Charles River, since he is the last (1996) and perhaps only well known person to do it in recent times. Instead we hear from Lila Hamill and “Vicki Mountain”. UGH. Is Sulzberger actually paying consultants to analyze why the Globe is tanking?

  3. Aaron Read

    “Don’t evah swim in da Chahhhles, no mattah WHAT Bill Weld says!”I remember taking a boat ride on the Charles with my parents during graduation weekend at BU in 1998; the smell was disgusting no matter where you were on the boat. Ugh!

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