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Just like a real blog

Jon Keller’s blog finally unveils a working RSS feed and permalinks. Which means I can link to his post on Katherine Patrick.

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  1. Steve Stein

    And comments! (As of a couple of days ago.) I think PP was his first commenter.

  2. Anonymous

    What a typically worthless and obvious piece from Mr. Keller.There was nothing creep-like in Kerry’s reference to Cheney’s daughter, who happened to already be OUT at the time, and whose father was VP in an administration that was, and still is, doing everything they can think of to deny her of her basic civil rights.

  3. Steve

    So Anon, take it up with Keller. Like I said, he’s got comments now.

  4. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Great. Now we get tedium in real time.Jon Keller adds nothing but belaboring of the obvious and spit-back from the spin doctors.Does anyone take him seriously.

  5. Steve

    Y’know, I’m often slow on the uptake, so I just noticed this.But do I detect some smack-talk here from Dan?”Just like a real blog”?Oh, snap!

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Steve: The lack of an RSS feed has driven me crazy for some time. Honestly, that’s all I was getting at.

  7. Steve

    C’mon. We gotta pass the time between now and Labor Day somehow!Blogfight! Blogfight!:-)

  8. Neil

    Jon reserves the right to edit comments for “coherence, relevance, decency and potential libel”. Nor can you be “rude or insulting”. Or be anonymous, or use innuendo. Nuts. I can muster up the odd bit of coherence or decency, but not while refraining from innuendo at the same time. That’s a lot of balls to keep in the air. For example while being otherwise coherent one might accidently innuend that a blogger so timid about comments before, and so anxious to maintain control over his comments to such a degree now, might be exhibiting oh, I don’t know, fear of exposure as a mere repackager of the obvious, and neutering such accusations as may appear in his comments, under cover of editing for “rudeness”. And anonymity? Does he think “Peter Porcupine” is a real person? Well in that case so is Dr. Zoidberg.(To be edited for adherence to standards to wit: coherence, decency, relevance, length, spelling, grammar, vulgarity, perversion, attitude, accuracy, greed, sloth, envy, lust, wrong thinking and innuendo, per Internet Thought Police (ITP) edict 423 subsection 4G.)

  9. Steve

    neil – “Peter Porcupine” is indeed a real, recognizable person. It’s just not her real name. There’s a difference between anonymity and pseudonymity.Refusing to publish abusive or libelous comments is certainly Jon’s and CBS’s right. And it makes the comment sections more enjoyable to read. Comment trolls get tedious really fast. Taking on that task might open Jon and CBS to more liability, though, since they’re making themselves responsible for the content of their comment section.Now, editing for coherence and relevance might be more work than Jon wants to take on. My guess is that “editing” really means flushing comments that don’t meet their standards, instead of changing wording.Dan gets a maximum of 20-30 comments per post, and most posts have far fewer, so managing comments isn’t that time consuming (I guess). If Keller’s blog starts attracting the volume of, say, Time Magazine’s Swampland (50-100 usually), monitoring comments might start to get onerous. And in the unlikely event he gets to Atrios levels (200-500 or more with many many one-liners) he might shut off comments altogether.

  10. Dan Kennedy

    With all due respect, Steve, Media Nation has more readers than Kellerblog. Although Jon’s numbers may pick up now that CBS has given him technology that goes beyond scrawling mammoth blood on the cave wall.

  11. Anonymous

    I had a Keller RSS feed long before the transition to this new blog software without any problems.

  12. Anonymous

    Steve – Too many comments to manage is something that happens when you have a lot of readers. That’s the least of Keller’s concerns.His work is a waste of perfectly good mammoth blood.

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