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Howie being Howie

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr’s snide attack on state Sen. Jim Marzilli today is by the numbers, but it’s worth reading all the way to the last two lines. No, he hasn’t gotten over it. Will Carr get chewed out when he shows up at work this afternoon at WRKO Radio (AM 680), or will this just be waved off as Howie being Howie?

Meanwhile, good Jon Keller commentary on WBZ Radio (AM 1030) this morning on Marzilli’s lawyer, who’s gone way, way beyond the call of duty. While Marzilli himself has made it clear that he’s got some serious problems by checking in to a psychiatric hospital, his lawyer, Terrence Kennedy, has dismissed the charges against Marzilli as “ridiculous.”

That’s pretty offensive. What ever happened to “my client has pleaded not guilty, and beyond that we have no comment”?

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  1. Brian F.

    He has used the “Is WRKO hiring” line before – I forget who for.

  2. Anonymous

    Keep your eye on the ball, everyone. Marzilli has 16 years in, pension vesting takes 20, I believe. Where will he be stashed for the next 4 years?

  3. Anonymous

    Marzilli’s lawyer is depressingly tone-deaf to the concept of victims’ rights…

  4. mike_b1

    You would think a guy who attained a modicum of success in life (this is just Boston, after all; not LA or NY) would be able to put aside his bitterness once in awhile. Time to up the Prozac dosage, Howie?

  5. Sean Roche

    Shouldn’t it be more notable that Howie traffics in prison rape jokes?

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Sean: Maybe 1,000 occurrences ago. But you’re right, it’s disgusting.

  7. Don

    Who was it, Joseph Welch maybe?, who rhetorically asked Sen McCarthy, “Have you no dignity?”Howie Carr can be an entertaining writer, sometimes even a good writer. But there’s one primary distinction between him and those columnists who are worth buying a paper for: Carr has no moral compass. If he thinks it’ll draw a laugh, he’ll write it, and dignity be damned.The good writers in our town, Frazier or Barnicle for example and for all of their faults, understood the difference between the hypocritical bleating of a corrupt pol and the pitiful life spiral in which Marzilli seems to be in. Howie Carr does not.

  8. io saturnalia!

    Not to sound like the talentless crones at “Inside Track” but file this under Give The Devil His Due:While most of Carr’s column is hackneyed — the gags fall somewhere below Mad magazine and above the (mercifully) late Joey Adams — the last line about ‘RKO and the bit about “A real socialist wants to control the means of production, not the means of reproduction.” were pretty good.Still, a couple of questions: Why is every inmate named Bubba? Is the Suffolk County lockup in Tupelo Miss.?And is there ANY transgression that Carr can’t somehow blame on Mike Dukakis?

  9. Mark M.

    Yeah Don, Mike Barnicle has a “moral compass” – he borrowed it from A.J. Liebling and George Carlin…

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