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More questions about the Herald

My Northeastern colleague Steve Burgard, director of the School of Journalism, poses a couple of questions in a letter to Romenesko:

1. Why did the Herald’s apology offer so few details about what went wrong, forcing us all to wait until John Tomase has his say on Friday?

2. Given the questions that are swirling around this story, why did the Herald let Tomase cover the Arlen Specter angle?

Perhaps we’ll find out all tomorrow. Or perhaps not.

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  1. dbvader

    It certainly proved to be a mistake to allow Tomase to cover the Goddell press conference. The first published story (later scrubbed from the website) included accusations that Walsh was “spying.”

  2. Peter Porcupine

    DK – Why so few details? So…um….we’ll have to buy the ‘apology paper’ AND the Friday paper with the real dirt in the column?

  3. Anonymous

    Not to be thick or anything, but why didn’t tomase call walsh for a comment … ?

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