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Beating the press

I’ll be back on “Beat the Press” tomorrow (7 p.m., WGBH-TV, Channel 2). Among other things we’ll be talking about you-know-what. Because I’m on the show most of the time, I usually don’t bother to take note of it here. But I’ve occasionally been asked to, so I’ll try to remember.

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  1. o-fish-l

    Good to have you back on BTP Dan, but does this mean we’ll be seeing less of Kara Miller of the Metrowest Daily News? To steal one from Sen. Obama vis a vis a female reporter, Ms. Miller seems like a real “sweetie”.Perhaps if we all upped our donation to WGBH, an extra chair might be added to the BTP set.

  2. Anonymous

    Dan, sorry this is off topic. But have you checked out Hiawatha Bray’s “Globe Video” about the new Apple store on Boylston Street?First of all, the tease says Bray “takes a look around.” Barely. It actually seems like the pre-feature ad lasts longer than the feature.And the only detail he seems to have uncovered is that the place is big, with lots of computers to sell. That was really worth the time. And, uh, hey guys – the camera is *shaking.* As in, I bet certain undergrad journalism courses in New Media have higher standards.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Fish: Kara is on tonight, too.

  4. Peter Porcupine

    New chair, or loss of Carroll/Crossley?(Some of us watch BTP like Knotts Landing…)

  5. Steve

    I just read (from a source I have no confidence in) that Tomase is a guest tonight.True?

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