Forgotten but not gone

Paul Levy wonders when the Icelandic clean-up brigade will arrive to remove all those BostonNOW boxes that are already littering the urban landscape.

5 thoughts on “Forgotten but not gone

  1. Aaron Read

    Appropos of nothing, this problem with BostonNOW boxes is the one thing that concerns me about windmill power turbines off the Cape.I wish more people would address that issue; I have no issue with wind turbines (personally I find them quite graceful-looking) but I don’t want to see 200+ turbines erected in a harsh environment that requires frequent maintenance…only to have Cape Wind go under for some reason (hey, stuff happens) and then the things stand there and rot for 20 years.Has Cape Wind agreed to put money in escrow to cover deconstruction costs should they go under? Or something to that effect? I’m actually kind of curious…if they have then that would be the end of any concerns I have with the project.What? Oh. BostonNOW boxes? Ehhh, who gives a crap about those. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Aaron – Gordon and Cape Wind have all along agreed to purchase a deconstruction bond – a common insurance product. It just doesn’t get publicized much. I beleive the MMS stated it would be a requirement of permitting.

  3. Paul Levy

    Maybe that is something we should require of other structures, too, i.e, a deconstruction bond. I have some nominees among a couple of buildings in Cambridge that are unlikely to stand the test if time!

  4. Anonymous

    I just hope someone ships one of these news boxes off to the Newseum in D.C. for its permanent collection. 😉

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