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The deluge continues

Boston Daily rounds up blog chatter that baseball reporter Gordon Edes and basketball reporter Peter May could be getting ready to leave the Globe. Edes and May would join Jackie MacMullan in exiting the sports department. May, by the way, is married to former Globe columnist Eileen McNamara, a Pulitzer Prize winner who’s now at Brandeis University.

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  1. Anonymous

    Although not in the same class as Political and Sports reporters and columnists, Automotive reporter Royal Ford (you’ve got to love that name for a car guy) wrote his farewell column in this past Sunday’s Globe. If they keep this up, the paper will end up being written by the castoffs from BostonNow. The result will be cheesy, but at a real bargain.

  2. mike_b1

    I always found Royal Ford to be a royal pain in the you-know-what. The crotchety auto writer schitck should have ended with Jim Mateja at the Chicago Trib. At least he was a funny curmudgeon. Ford came across as mean.

  3. io saturnalia

    Jeremy Clarkson, of the Times of London, however, is the greatest auto writer of all time. His wit and spot-on analysis make me want to trade my tires for tyres, and change my sedan into a saloon.Plus, the Globe’s auto reviews — with their almost total focus on luxury, 8-cylinder models — would be great if we were still living in the pre-1970s energy crisis, or in the Fat City mid-1980s. Now, they’re mostly irrelevant.

  4. Anonymous

    The Globe is systematically dismantling itself, section by section. The Business section is long since useless, the Living/Arts section is a shadow of what it was, the front news section is all wire copy– and now the Sports section is going out the door too. The only sections left that are passably worth reading are Metro News and… um, OK, just the Metro section. But they can’t keep up with the Herald or TV news either. Jeesh.

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