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“About three dozen drinks”

WHDH-TV (Channel 7) general manager Randi Goldklank is having a really, really bad day, as her earlier claim of having been sexually harassed on a plane has taken a truly ugly turn.

Update: WHDH has placed Goldklank on administrative leave. And by the way, I’m not taking anything at face value. Let’s wait and see.

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  1. Anonymous

    “Klank in the tank!”

  2. Anonymous

    If I was the Sgt., I would’ve taken her home.

  3. Anonymous

    Good one Anon 2:12! How about “Gold in the hold!” or “Randi has a rough landi?”

  4. Boston Venerable Bede

    I actually feel sorry for this woman. I do not know her but it seems that opportunistic reporting is occurring. I regret that her statement about being depressed was included in the story and accompanying documents.

  5. Tom

    If she really played the “do you know who I am” card and threatened the officers with unfavorable news coverage, I don’t feel sorry for at all. And the note about depression was probably from her publicist/lawyer, seting up her eventual defense.

  6. Anonymous

    Goldklank!! – I thought the name was cuffs – clink! Ohh well … I guess it was bombed – voyage! Enough of everyone channeling Howie, I do not see how she, or anyone with senior responsibilities in an electronic media organizion can continue after such a public miscue. Imagine her whining and dining clients trying to close the ad buy – it just will not work. The on camera personalities are the public face of the outlet but behind the scenes are where the deals are made and the money changes hands. Can anyone say dead Klank staggering???

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 10:33: What would you say if the charges are dropped or thrown out? I don’t doubt that something happened, but I’m not satisfied that we know exactly what.

  8. Tom

    Maybe she could skate by if she was just acting belliigerent. But if the report is true — still an ‘if’, but we haven’t seen a denial, just a setup for a depression defense — there is no way WHDH news can have credibility when their GM has publically threatened to use the news crew to get her out of an arrest where she was in the wrong. Unless the reports are unture, she’s done. And she deserves to be.

  9. Anonymous

    Dan, you think I’m cute and I think you’re cute. So why don’t you just take this whole post down.1 of 7

  10. Anonymous

    EB3this is a sad story. That’s all.BTW cases like this are routinely dismissed after the court costs. Doesn’t mean she got away with it either.So I hope she is not held to a higher standard then the average drunk who tells the cops who they know.She broke the cops glasses. Actually shew broke his reading glasses that were in his shirt pocket when she flipped out because they were cuffing her ( i think)Hey Trooper.two Pieces of advice.1. Don’t carry your reading glasses in your shirt pocket while on duty and in uniform.2. Break down and buy an eyeglasses case.TYhe trooper did much more than cover their asses on their one. They took advantage of a drunkin messed up woman to do all they could to humiliate them.Drunk, pushy, obnoxious, assualtive, condescending, job threatening deuche bag still requires a good trooper to act like a man.(dan, can I say deuche bag? It really works here.)

  11. Tom

    Anon,What exactly did the troopers do wrong?

  12. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Police reports are typically exaggerated, self-serving attempts at a) making the suspect look bad enough to cop a plea and b) giving the illusion that no constitutional rights have been violated.Cops are incredible liars when it comes to writing up arrests. No minor detail is too insignificant to blow out of proportion, misconstrue and present as evidence of mens rea of intent to do all sorts of evil.Still, if someone who runs a television station is really trying to use her influence to get special treatment, then she really must go down the stairs, even if TV general managers are little more than sales weasels, laughably hiding between gthe facade of caring about journalism. At least most newspaper publishers give the editor in chief the authority and responsibility to run the newsroom,

  13. mike_b1

    Vennochi swung-and-missed with her piss-poor “altitude spawns bad attitude” lede today. It was a truly weak attempt to (ahem) frame Goldklank’s (or should that be Goldklink, now that she’s been handcuffed?) behavior, except it proved mostly a sour regurgitation of events.Joanie, if you want to take a shot at some poor woman who got drunk and will probably lose her job over it, go right ahead. But take a page from the Herald and be upfront about it: You’re not clever enough to do it any other way.

  14. Anonymous

    EB3 herehey Mike, “joanie” knows what’s going on. I read her. And I read her today.She used Goldklank as an examplke of normal people becoming a-holes when they have a little nothing that makes them feel huge. Like a G.M.of a local television station, or a state rep, or Larry Lucchino. Without the title you are nothing and ‘when you’re out, you’re out”. Unless you made friends when there. Then your still out but people will return your phone calls. Eventually.Another good column by Vennnochi

  15. mike_b1

    EB3: Nah, that’s not it at all. She was piling on. It was unbecoming, not to mention unnecessary.

  16. Anonymous

    EB#,How dare you sir. You will not besmirch the good name of Joan Vennochi on my watch.And calling her unbecoming?I’m sorry, my sisters and I have been fighting this fight so people like you won’t dismiss a woman by labeling her unbecoming. Unfortunately girls, the battle is never over.Good Day Sir. I said, “good day”.

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