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Greenhouse effect doesn’t exist

Here’s what happens when newspaper-business cutbacks finally reach the New York Times: A legend like Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse takes early retirement. (Via Romenesko.) Who will Nina Totenberg hang out with?

More important, what will become of the so-called Greenhouse effect — the tendency of justices to move to the left in order to be thought well of by the dean of the Supreme Court press corps? Good grief. This could be bigger than another judicial vacancy.

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  1. io saturnalia

    Dan,You must be kidding about the Greenhouse Effect; Supreme Court justices moving left? When in the last decade has that happened?Read Dana Milbank’s excellent story on the court’s take on the Exxon Valdez punitive damages award and see if you can detect any leftward listing, to make a nasty pun about a still-terrible situation.

  2. Anonymous

    Are you saying it’s a good thing that Greenhouse was so obviously partisa DK?

  3. Dan Kennedy

    No. I’m saying that reality has a liberal bias.

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