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Clinton versus the media

In my latest for the Guardian, I consider the media fallout from last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Yes, Obama outperformed her. But it certainly doesn’t help that the media detest Clinton and are openly rooting for her demise.

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  1. Don, American

    Isn’t it fun, watching Democrats fight among themselves, and tell lies about someone other than Republicans?

  2. Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton is not a Wicked Witch as the many media that distrust women seeking power have depicted her. She is a supporting mother who stood for her family when it was ferociously attacked by the media. She protected her child from a broken marriage. She saved the career of her husband forgiving his reckless and unfaithful behavior. She alone kept the unity of the family on her own shoulders against the political greed of men and women without scruples. And of course nobody said, thank you Hillary for protecting the American family from the media’s sensationalism. Instead, still she is represented as a Wicked Witch.I can only say that when the things would come bad, she will be there.

  3. Aaron Read

    Did you see the priceless Daily Show story with Sam Bee about how the media really IS against Hillary?Check it out: “So Senator Clinton is not actually being paranoid?”Bee: “Oh, no no no…we’re out to get her.”Much better than the SNL parody.

  4. Don, American

    Anon 10:14 Maybe it’s the cackle that has us confused.

  5. Anonymous

    We hear what we want to hear. Cackle, chuckle, laugh or whatever. Could you tell me, please, why Hillary Clinton didn’t get rid of her unfaithful husband when she found about Lewinsky? If she was a calculative witch thinking in her political future, she was stupid: a pretended feminist avoiding her right to divorce, swallowing and supporting the macho behavior of her husband… When she defended her husband and decided to save the marriage, she was formally and substantively humiliating the feminist cause. How could she defend abortion rights, working women rights, equal opportunities policies after forgiving the sexist behavior of her husband? She new that being a democratic feminist, if she forgave her husband she could have finished her political career. Nobody beliefs ideological inconsistencies. The fact is that she did what she did because her loyalty to the President of the United States, and therefore to the United States. It was a political decision, but a beautiful one because she put the duty to the nation before her own interest and her own pride as a woman. She left behind the partisanship and stood loyal to the government. When the trouble come I know that Hillary will be there.

  6. closets

    It is easy to understand why white anglo “conservative” men don’t like Hillary Clinton or any powerfull women. However, I fail to understand why many democratic women did not vote for Hillary Clinton. I hear different reasons but none are significant enough to negate my support for her candidacy. I believe women, particularly in “traditional roles” subconsciencely dislike seeing another women breaking the rules.

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