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The joy of comments

Over the past few days I’ve rejected several anonymous comments attacking by name a person I barely know. I just got called a “coward” by someone for refusing to post them. This brave soul, too, goes by the name of “Anonymous.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Just to clarify, this anonymous person is not the same anyonymous person that defends Mitt Romney on here from time to time. The latter is me, and I do not engage in personal attacks.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    You are correct.

  3. Peter Porcupine

    DK – that is the joy of blogging as well. Full disclosure – I don’t REQUIRE comment approval, and I have to delete some strange ones from Korean gentlemen engaged in smuggling a fortune out of an African nation to purchase appendage enhancements that they may better enjoy their cheerleader photos from time to time – but liberal rants I tend to leave up. With you, I DO keep a weather eye on actual names instead of concepts – but Bloggging does NOT require that you leave lunacy on your blog, as you are author and editor rolled into one.

  4. Anonymous

    Go ahead and out his IP address. I’ll bet he is well known among your readers who blog as well.For the record, I am not that anonymous person either. When I disagree with Dan I swallow my feelings and let them fester.I am anonymous because I can never remember my blogger id.

  5. Robin Edgar

    Well I am definitely not anonymous. I personally consider people who attack other people or groups from behind the cover of anonymity and pseudonymity to be cowards. I have made it very clear on my The Emerson Avenger blog that I reserve the right to “out” anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers or commnenters. So far I have only done so once but I have a little backlog of obnoxious cowardly bloggers and/or commenters who I can “out” at my discretion.

  6. Anonymous

    Dan,Is the target of the attack aware of these missiles? If not, maybe you should let him/her know and see if she/he would be interested in putting them up and responding. Seems to me cowardly attacks lose their force when bared to light and challenged with knowledge and authority.

  7. Marc

    This post is too esoteric for me. What kind of comment are we dealing with here? Was it threatening? Could you provide the subject, at least?

  8. Steve

    anon 1:02 – I can understand not remembering your blogger id, but why not sign your posts, even with a pseudonym, just so people can tell you apart from all the other anonymice?- aka “Ralph Kramden

  9. Rick in Duxbury

    Dan,Look at the bright side, at least you are in the majority around here. During the campaign, I made the mistake of writing a letter to the editor of a Boston paper in support of Kerry Healey. Within a week, I started getting threatening letters and emails (!) at home, not to mention late night hang up calls. It lasted until the election. While I have no doubt that right wingers have engaged in the same venal tactics, it is unacceptable for ANYONE to take discourse to that level. Thank God you have the ability to delete comments. I can’t imagine being a public person these days.

  10. Dan Kennedy

    Rick: True enough, but this wasn’t over anything political, or even especially public.

  11. Robin Edgar

    I do like that word anonymice. I must start making some good use of the term anonymouse. . . 😉

  12. Rick in Duxbury

    Robin,I think it was Liz Taylor who gave us the plural of “spouse”….

  13. Robin Edgar

    Spice? I wonder how that might relate to the Spice Girls? 😉

  14. Steve

    I wonder how that might relate to the Spice Girls?An exercise left to the reader, no doubt.

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