From a story by Dave Wedge in today’s Boston Herald:

Governor’s Councilor Mary-Ellen Manning came down hard on Superior Court Judge Francis Fecteau during a confirmation hearing on his nomination to the appeals court, asking him if he’s made any controversial rulings in the past that could come back to haunt the board or Gov. Deval Patrick.

“Are there any cases where you’ve been publicly criticized for light sentences for criminals?” Manning asked Fecteau during a hearing yesterday, State House News reported. Manning also asked Fecteau if any of his decisions had been overturned by a higher court. He said that 16 of 117 civil and criminal decisions had been overturned.

“Are there any cases where you’ve been publicly criticized?” This reads like something out of the Onion. Madame Councilor, why haven’t you checked the clips? The judge isn’t going to do it for you. Neither am I. But surely someone would be willing to give you a hand.

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