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“Unprincipled pragmatism”

Noted civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate, blogging at, says Gov. Deval Patrick is more interested in liberalism than he is in liberty. The bill of particulars:

  • Patrick’s proposal to outlaw Internet gambling, which would, of course, cut into the revenues from the three casinos he hopes to see built.
  • His support for an expanded anti-free-speech buffer zone around abortion clinics.
  • His opposition to the decriminalization of marijuana.

“Surely it is possible to be a liberal, supporting a society that does not allow its most vulnerable members to sink into an abyss, while advocating at the same time the maximum individual liberty consistent with what the Supreme Court has called ‘an ordered society,’ ” Silverglate writes. “Thus far it does not appear that Deval Patrick is that kind of liberal. But maybe it’s still too early to give up hope on this score.”

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  1. Ben

    I continue to believe that Deval Patrick does not, in fact, support casino gambling. There is enough embedded in his proposal to keep Massachusetts casino-free for another decade or more.

  2. Anonymous


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