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“Middleboro’s Nosy Neighbor”

“Gladys Kravitz” is a hoot, but she can sting, too. Here she is on casino proponents who supposedly mocked Jacquie Tolosko, leader of the anti-casino group, when she became emotional:

It’s difficult for me to comprehend what kind of sociopathic low-brow trailer trash would do that sort of thing to a person so courageous as to stand before three-thousand strangers and speak from the heart, but clearly they’re charter members of that same sad deluded faction which actually believes a casino is their friend.

Kravitz has a warning for the media as well, writing that “it’s apparently going to be up to us to get the word out about the NO vote, because the Fourth Estate seems to have taken a vacation day.”

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  1. Anonymous

    This is Great, Our small time town is finially on the Media’s attention. Honestly I don’t want this town to be overrun either. We are a nice town with nice people. If a casino comes in this place will change, our people will change.

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