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A reporter’s best friend

Jeff Keating, writing for the Greater Boston Blog, makes a terrific find — Government Center, a collection of computer-assisted-reporting (CAR) resources at I especially like the Dunkin’ Donuts finder. But seriously — this is great stuff, and I’ll add it to the list of resources I give my students.

Here are a few of Media Nation’s favorite CAR sites:

Have any I should know about? Please pass them along.


Put those shovels down


“Middleboro’s Nosy Neighbor”


  1. Peter Porcupine

    Jim Caralis on BMG is developing a wonderful site called – – which is everything the site SHOULD be!It’s still a beta, and I keep nagging him for a widget so I can put it on my blog. if TWO people using blogger begin to nag him….

  2. Steve

    If you are a member of a library in the Minuteman Library network, you can access various databases from home for free, including NY Times and Boston Globe archives (1980-present) and Boston Herald archives (1991-present).

  3. Mike Stucka

    Certainly the Reporter’s Cookbook wiki, which has a grammar guide that you helped create. The site isn’t getting developed rapidly, but what’s on there is pretty solid. Except for the junk I worked on … =)

  4. matthewscarroll

    Dan, thanks for the kind words about “Government Center.” I contribute the “Your Town” data (inc Dunkin’ Donuts) . We’re very excited about it. We think people will find it helpful trying to find their way through the thickets of government out there.Matt CarrollBoston Globe

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