Cleaving unto absurdity

I couldn’t believe it when John Harwood, on “Meet the Press,” defended that ridiculous Washington Post column about Hillary Clinton’s alleged cleavage on the grounds that she’s too “calculating” not to know what she was doing. So I’m glad that Media Matters was similarly appalled.


2 thoughts on “Cleaving unto absurdity

  1. Steve

    What part can’t you believe? It was only a matter of time until the outrage-manufacturing machine got around to this.Has Althouse commented yet? Remember her hissy fit when Bill had the audacity to be photographed in a group including a woman with BREASTS? Oh, the horror!To channel the incomparable one: silliness rules their world!

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Steve: It was the ludicrousness of Harwood’s assertion that Clinton was being calculating. I thought the original column was silly, but it didn’t bother me all that much. As Gene Robinson said, also on “MTP,” hey, she writes about fashion.

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