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Blogger labels versus Technorati tags

Are Blogger labels good for anything? I’m thinking of just dumping them and going with Technorati tags instead. Thoughts?

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  1. Irv Arons

    Dan, I’m not sure what the tags are used for — can you explain?Irv Arons

  2. Dan Kennedy

    With Technorati tags, you are supposed to be able to search for tags and find all posts with those particular tags, in your blog and in others. But I’m not aware of any similar feature with Blogger labels.But wait! Earlier tonight, I finally registered Media Nation with Technorati — and, as if by magic, my Blogger labels were converted to Technorati tags. So it looks as though I might not have to do anything.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    P.S. — The conversion takes place only on the Technorati end, not on the Blogger end. So I’m not sure whether that does much good.

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