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Web design gone wild

You’ve got to click 33 times to read Tony Massarotti’s “Midseason Report Card” on the Red Sox. Yes, the photo- and graphics-laden package looks nice, but this would be asking too much even if the Herald’s servers were speedier. A good idea, but someone got carried away.

And Tony … a “D” for J.D. Drew? Why so generous?

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    I cannot help but think that the Herald has been contracted by some Pavlovian group studying intermittant reinforcement – NOBODY but baseball fans WOULD click that requisite 33 times to reach the end product, making them ideal test subjects.

  2. Anonymous

    33 clicks are insane! Obviously a runaway case of form over function, not atypical for graphic designers who love to make nifty-looking graphics without any understanding of the end usage result.

  3. mike_b1

    JD Drew ranks 24th among RFs in VORP. However, he does have a very good excellent OBP (.368, good for 10th among everyday RFs and 5th on the Sox). His low slugging average to date suggests to me he’s hiding an injury.I’d expect his BA will rise in the 2d half. He is, after all, in the top 100 ALL-TIME in slugging and OBP. Massarotti: Isn’t he the guy who wrote a column promoting Ortiz for MVP, then co-wrote a book with Ortiz, and still covers the Red Sox? No conflicts-of-interest with that guy, ever.

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