Megadittos on Leibovich II

Jay Garrity, the Mitt Romney aide who New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich says pulled him over and claimed to have run his license plate, is now under investigation in both Massachusetts (for allegedly impersonating a state trooper) and New Hampshire (for the Leibovich incident). Nice people you have working for you, Mitt.

11 thoughts on “Megadittos on Leibovich II

  1. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    I’ll bet Mitt picks his nose in private; you better get onto that. We all know our share of idiots; some of them even comment anonymously here.By the way, does Mitt have a real name and not just a piece of catcher’s gear? While he was governor, did he ever admit to Spaulding or Wilson?

  2. Anonymous

    Who said anything about this being a Republican thing? He’s Romney’s aide. It reflects badly on Romney.When did Republicans become the party of whiny three year olds? But they did it first! Waaah.

  3. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    Hey, anon 5:43 – Watch it; that could be President Romney. (By the way, I really don’t know his birth name.)

  4. Anonymous

    Hey PP,Congrats on making Howie’s column on Republican hacks with their nose in the public trough. Let’s start with the 80 members of the Republican State Committee, and then throw in various assorted GOP coat-holders currently trying to duck for cover. Now let’s run all their names on the Herald’s Find-A-Hack Web site. Guess what? Almost every last one of those rascally Republicans is still there on the state payroll, at least for the time being. Like Cynthia Stead, from the Cape and Islands. She’s at the Highway Department for $37,266. Used to be an aide for ex-Rep. Tom George, most recently seen trying unsuccessfully to fatten his already bloated state pension.

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