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Gareth Cook has Ideas

A big week for former PhoeniciansGareth Cook has been named editor of the Globe’s Ideas section, replacing Wen Stephenson, who’s moving to WBUR Radio’s “On Point.” The announcement follows news that Yvonne Abraham will be one of the Globe’s two metro columnists.

Under Stephenson, Ideas has become somewhat more accessible and newsy than it had been in its original incarnation, edited by Alexander Star. I’d like to see Gareth push it more in that direction. In any case, Ideas will certainly be in capable hands.

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  1. Rick from Dorchester

    Gareth Cook should look at replacing Jack Beatty on the Friday news roundup shows.His liberal take on EVERYTHING is annoying. I’m not holding my breathhowever.

  2. Rick from Dorchester

    Wen Stephenson not Gareth Cook

  3. man who's a WBUR fan

    Am I detecting a trend here? Ashbrook was lured away from the Globe, now Stephenson, too.Given Paul La Camera’s own TV background, are we seeing fewer “radio” people going to work at a radio station?Is that a good thing / bad thing? Total hogwash to begin with?

  4. Jack Vaughan

    The important thing for Arts & Ideas in my opinion is to work to show that Boston is an interesting place for arts and ideas.

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