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A night in New Haven

I can’t be sure, but I might have seen Gov. Deval Patrick’s late father perform. In Sally Jacobs’ riveting story (link now fixed) in today’s Boston Globe about the governor’s complicated relationship with his father, Pat Patrick, we learn that the elder Patrick played for a while with the band NRBQ.

I once saw NRBQ at a bar in New Haven in the late 1970s. Pat Patrick supposedly played with the band for a time in the early ’80s. So it doesn’t quite match up. But given the haziness of memory over events that took place a quarter-century ago, it’s possible that he was up on stage playing sax that night.

What I really would have liked to see was the Sun Ra Arkestra, Pat Patrick’s main musical outlet. Unfortunately for me, it never happened.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    Dan – Your link to Sally Jacobs “riveting story” goes directly to the Governor’s website, not the Boston Globe where the story is printed. While I realize that Deval and the Globe are joined at the hip, they don’t yet share the same website. I think this is the link that you actually wanted:,O-FISH-L

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