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Newspaper blogs on the rise

John Mello quotes me in an article for TechNewsWorld on the growing popularity of newspaper blogs.

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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe this is nothing more than an admission that traditional media are going to ignore editorial oversight over their content.As someone who has clicked onto more than a few message boards and blogs over the last ten years or so, I can attest to the fact that content on those boards can be and often is “off the wall.”–raj

  2. Brian Maloney

    Here’s a good reality check on this:

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Brian: It’s pretty much the same thing that I (and others) told Mello.

  4. quinbus flestrin

    Cool quote Dan–more newspaper blog readers because more newspaper blogs! They mention “interaction with readers” and “constant conversation” almost as if blogs have comments by definition.What do you think about “Grand Poobah of the Media Blogger’s Association” Robert Cox’s statement in the same article that:…in time, the vast majority of the reading of blogs will be done on mainstream news and media outlets like those covered in the Nielsen survey, and a much smaller percentage, a very small percentage of the reading of blogs, will be done at what has traditionally been thought of as blogs — these small, independent, snarky, personal sites” If you make an assertion like that you oughta give a better reason I think than “…because large media organizations are going to see it as a good place for them.” Doesn’t follow that readers are going to see large media blogs as good places for them. Independence is part of the value. He’s an organization man who’s angling for a piece of the action I think, thus his “respectability” agenda. He even owns a necktie–check out his formal and informal headshots–bound to generate a lot of hits! You call that informal? Like Nixon walking the beach at San Clemente in his black suit. Give up that scruffy personal stuff and get respectable–work for me er I mean, become an MBA member! None of this blogging in your pajamas stuff for the bloggers who toil in my vast media empire–suit jacket even on casual Fridays or it’s back to disreputable snarky independence for you. Freethinkers and lollygaggers–there’s the door.

  5. Anonymous

    Dan–sorry for a seriously off topic comment, and I would not be expecting it to be posted on your blog or anywhere else, or a response from you posted here. But I don’t know how to get this into circulation, much less than to beat it into WGBH’s collective head.A comment about Boston Common’s Beat the Press, and a bit more.One, WGBH really does need to get rid of Emily Rooney, at least for the Beat the Press gig. Rooney is boring as heck. (I actually could get more offensive regarding Rooney, but I’ll refrain.) John Carrol is the star of the show. And they should have you on more often–among you, Carrol, Callie Crosley (sp?) and Joe Sciaca (sp?), you four make the show. The occasional guests are also nice, and I’m sure that some will develop over time, but you four make the show.Two, could you speculate as to why Joe Sciaca hasn’t gotten a talk radio gig of his own? I have to admit that I’ve long been–how best to put it?–stand offish regarding Boston Herald columnists (hey, I’m gay, so the reason for my stand-offishness should be obvious), but I’ll have to admit that Sciaca from Beat the Press has grown on both my partner and me over the years. He’s smart, he seems to have a good heart–at least on Beat the Press–and he is extremely well spoken (certainly better than Finneran). So, query–why hasn’t Sciaca been given a gig on Boston talk radio? Howie Carr’s cabaret act seems to be ruining Boston talk radio. OR, is Boston talk radio really as dead as the proverbial door knob?–raj

  6. SolShine7

    What do you think of blog synidatication sites like

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