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Now with fewer ads

I’ve decided to remove Google ads from Media Nation. Even though I get as many as 1,000 unique visitors each day, the ads aren’t paying — probably because they seem to be completely irrelevant to whatever it is I’m writing about, so no one’s clicking.

More important, I want to focus on a far more interesting advertising project being sponsored by Boston Blogs, of which Media Nation is a member, and whose ads you can see at the top of the right-hand column. Boston Blogs ads are local, and they’re screened and administered by a real person — Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub fame.

That’s more in keeping with the direction in which I want to take Media Nation, although I haven’t actually canceled my Google Adsense account. You never know.

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  1. J.

    You know, I think your blog has the first ad I’ve ever clicked on. I saw the ad for Tougas Farm Strawberry picking, which was something my wife and I had been talking about doing. We’ve now been twice.I MUCH prefer the local Boston-area ads. –Jeff

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