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Ann Coulter, plagiarist

But will anyone care? The Raw Story has the details. Apparently the New York Post is the first mainstream (sort of) outlet to report this. There go that liberal media again.

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New details on an atrocity


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  1. Anonymous

    Time will tell if Howie Kurtz & the rest of the punditocracy will be able to shake off their crackhead-like addiction to people like Coulter. It’s a hard habit to break. However, I really wish people would send her into talking head oblivion not just because she’s a fraud, but because she’s a lying, venomous, hate-filled republican spin-bot hitwoman. She’s the symptom of a much larger disease–as repugnant as she is, the GOP needs her to do their dirtywork. It has been their M.O. for years–just ask John McCain.

  2. mike_b1

    Those are pretty boring instances of copyright infringment, if that is indeed what has happened here.No wonder no one’s excited.

  3. Unanimous

    Plagiarist is the kindest label that sewage ever received.

  4. Anonymous

    Mike, you’re confusing copyright with plagiarism – not the same.

  5. Anonymous

    Mike,You and I agree. The Apocalypse must be imminent.

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