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Healey’s new friend

Ben extends his reach, adding a second blog, Healey Is a Fraud, to his longstanding contribution to the civic dialogue known as Romney Is a Fraud. (Via Universal Hub. And yes, Adam, I do know where the name “Ben” comes from. What’s my prize?)

I don’t know about this. Romney’s transparently self-serving approach to governing is hard to take, but I’ve got nothing against Healey. I certainly don’t hold it against her that she occasionally puts her foot in her mouth. I like that in a politician. Don’t you?

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Tweaking Mitt


But who stole the strawberries?


  1. adamg

    If only I had a copy of the soundtrack to the movie, it would be yours!

  2. Anonymous

    So if I understand this correctly, Kerry Healy uses her real name, Ben doesn’t, but SHE’S a fraud?

  3. Anonymous

    She doesn’t.Her real name is Moffie. Moffie of Manchester-By-the-Sea.And please remember the Sea part. It is not the regular Manchester. It is the By-The-Sea one, the posh one. Or is it officially Beverly?I am not sure if it would be a good thing for someone who is worth hundreds of millions, (mostly her asset mngr hubby) and has many multi-million dollar houses you need two hands to count, if that person would be real and connected enough to be an effective Gov or that edge actually puts them in a better position, as an astute and accomplished successful money maker and safeguarder to leverage that success for the State’s business.Only time answers that kind of question. There are many examples with rich accomplished people elected into office that go either way.So is she fake really? I am not sure about that one. I think she sounds snobby and detached. I get a sense she does care about public service and wants to serve out of dedication. I also suspect she is building her profile to go national at some future point also.She is a good person, and please try to evaluate that without letting your partisanship influence the call. She was accomplished at school and professionally and has had a good character by all accounts.( I heard she drives an F-150 pick-up. Does she really drive that everyday, into the State House or is it in the garage just to haul those logs for the fireplace??)I’d take her anyday over annoying Shannon O’Brien and I am dying to see the Dems get another shot of life in the arm again in this state. Talk about someone who was fake and sounded self-serving and with future national ambitions.Kerry is not a party hack and wasn’t born into a hackery either. I like that.But how could you ever get a Governor that will be tied down in his Beacon Hill office trying to finish all the ‘work on our problems?’ Let’s face it , compared to other states and other countries, we are ok. We have some solid revenue sources; we don’t have major natural disasters. Revenue projections have been positive since big budget deficit threats of 2000 and 2001, regardless of ANY governor or what s/he does.So we have issues, like a gathering demographic problem, growth prospects and getting an education system worthy of our great state but for the most part, there are no big pressing issues. There is poverty and underprevilege everywhere in the world, no matter what you do and we have our share of that.The health care issue is a fabricated one; if both parties really wanted to solve it,they’d have enough money and infrastructure to get it done and cover more people that need coverage and cut waste and fraud.So what is a Governor to do after a couple of years in office. If a senate seat frees up in Mass (let’s just say I hope the Kennedy seat stays occupied for a long long time) then I bet you Reilly would jump on that ship.Boston’s Mayor is an example of what happens when someone lasts that long, for may terms: disaster and languising and a skyrocketing crime rate that is definitely not a big PR threat for many in town now. They don’t seem that pressured to solve or limit it…. Beyond criticism or voter firing.My worry is having a Romney type counter balance to an arrogant legislature. I think that is the most important thing that guides my choice, ie a good check on a lot of partonagegoing up and down the chains. Or am I gonna get someone who is buddy buddy with a system that is determined to do what it pleases, at its contry club pace and ignore people’s will and needs.If a democratic candidate that does not appear too accomodating emerges, then I think they’d have a better shot at seducing a lot of people in the iddle , of the political spectrum and of the payscale.Until then, Reilly and the Dems will get a black eye in the media almost daily. WRKO alone could do a lot of damage to Tom. They’re not a big fan of his over there. Not fans of Moffie either, but we all know whom they’d pick when the curtain comes down.Reilly’s promise to bring the tax rate down as soon as possible is a good sign he is thinking right and is smart enough, but it sounds like too little too late, especially coming from a Dem. He has to stake the middle by other means and fast. If he gets swamped early and doesn’t put up levee up with a good attractive proposal soon, he’ll get flooded beyond recovery easily and early.Where is Joe Kennedy?N.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, who can try to argue with fact-based discussion like that? (For the record, Manchester-by-the-Sea is not now, nor has it ever been, part of Beverly. You’re confusing it with Prides Crossing.) “The Sea” came when they got tired of getting mail destined for NH. MBTS is a pretty nice little town, actually, with plenty of less-than-rich people. If people just give Murphy-Healy a chance to rise (or fall) on her record and stand on issues, she’ll be fine. Unfortunately, this state has a nasty habit of going nuclear with class warfare. Demagogues appeal to those whining losers who can’t conceive of bettering themselves. Rather than the taxpayers, the only winners are the Democratic pols who loot the state and head for Palm Beach County retirements.

  5. Anonymous

    I knew someone would take on the town issue. My memory failed me when I was posting but later I reralized I should have been talking about Beverly Farms and not the close-by town, MBTS, which I love and frequent often- Gotta love Magnolia. SO it’s “Beverly Farms and NOT Beverly” the line should have said. And by farm, we don’t mean hay and tractors but butter croissants and duck confit.Driving in my car yesterday, it kept nagging me and I had a feeling something was not quite right and I may have confused some bits. I realized my confusion then.I am sorry, I don’t recall seeing too many poor people there in MBTS though. Maybe some family thinks it’s poor if it makes 150-200k a year and lives in the same zip as multi-millionaires. I don’t.The town reference was not a demagoguery on my part. I meant it as a fresh joke. I gave her credit more than criticized her and left open the possibility she may indeed be sincere and useful to the state. The Free Enteprise spirit I cherish would not allow me to ‘bash’ anyone for their money and success if it is well-earned and not corrupt. I’d tip my hat before I ‘bash.’ Democrats are on the evrage worth a lot more money. They just seem to be more senisible managing it for the country, notwithstanding any slurs of exagerated ‘Tax hungry’ slanders they get hit by. Too many examples to cite here.Her opponents though will surely relish the demagoguery part. I am just dying to see how she would counter that and how credible Joe Shmo would think she is.N.

  6. Anonymous

    The real story about Romney is how he completely failed to do build any semblance of a State Republican organization. He was AWOL from the get go.

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