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But who stole the strawberries?

Admiral Richard Gurnon explains when he realized he was in trouble with Arthur Desrocher, chairman of the board of trustees at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Sarah Schweitzer reports in today’s Globe:

Gurnon said he knew he was a “dead man walking” after he returned from a business trip to Texas last month. He said no one returned his calls and more ominously, Desrocher had stopped leaving a doughnut on his desk, as he had done routinely every Tuesday. “After Nov. 15,” Gurnon said. “I saw no more doughnuts.”

The state Board of Education yesterday reinstated Gurnon as president of the academy. Let the doughnut-eating resume.

Herald coverage here.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is one the best feel-good stories I have read in the state in a long time.It just gives hope that somethings just can’t get scuttled that easily.N.

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