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Judith Miller out

She couldn’t go back. And now she won’t. The New York Times reports:

Lawyers for Ms. Miller and the paper negotiated a severance package, the details of which they would not disclose. Under the agreement, Ms. Miller will retire from the newspaper, and The Times will print a letter she wrote to the editor explaining her position. Ms. Miller originally demanded that she be able to write an essay for the paper’s Op-Ed page challenging the allegations against her. The Times refused that demand – Gail Collins, editor of the editorial page, said, “We don’t use the Op-Ed page for back and forth between one part of the paper and another” – but agreed to let her write the letter.

In that letter, to be published in The New York Times on Thursday under the heading, “Judith Miller’s Farewell,” Ms. Miller said she was leaving partly because some of her colleagues disagreed with her decision to testify in the C.I.A. leak case.

“But mainly,” she wrote, “I have chosen to resign because over the last few months, I have become the news, something a New York Times reporter never wants to be.”

Romenesko is compiling links, and already has Times executive editor Bill Keller’s memo.

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What Mark said


Prime Prine, clear and undistorted


  1. Bill Baar

    Read Libby’s letter to her about the entangled Aspen roots.Anytime some you’re involved with professionally and they write you about tangled Aspen roots and your boss gets a hold of it. You’ve got problems.Avoid entanglements I think.

  2. Anonymous

    Anytime I read about the “severance package” paid to these folks, (as if they were an employER rather than the employEE), I wonder, what would happen if they just said “you’re fired”?If she had a contract, they adhere to it. If not, sayonara. Perhaps working at the same paper for nearly 30 years makes one monumentally arrogant?

  3. Anonymous

    it seems many people don’t want to touch the Judy saga with a ten foot pole and just wanted it out of the news cycle already.But how embarassing that the Globe only article about her departure is borrowed from the AP.This Globe is a skeleton of what it was or wants to be.Day by day, it is growing useless. A space for activism and wishy washy cr@p.At this point, selling the real estate at Herald Sq and Morrissey Blvd are the only dignified way out. Condos might be more useful at this point. Just sell the equipment and truck to some new outfit and hope for the best.It seems both papers are just toast.N.

  4. Rick in Duxbury

    Miller is re-attacking Calame, Dowd, et al today, per E&P. I despair of these egomaniacs ever realizing it’s not all about them. In a just world, Miller and Dowd would be trapped together on a desert island with Geraldo….

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