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Prime Prine, clear and undistorted

I’m Miller’d out and Theo’d out today. Enough is enough. So let me return briefly to an item I posted recently on problems I was having with the iTunes Music Store.

Bottom line: The distortion I was experiencing disappeared after I turned on Sound Enhancer in iTunes (set half-way) and Sound Check both in iTunes and on my iPod. Suddenly John Prine’s “Fair & Square” sounded as clear as if he were sitting in my living room.

Nice album, too, by the way — not quite as creative as “The Missing Years” (1991), but a big improvement over his last album of originals, “Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings” (1995). “Fair & Square” sounds very familiar, but in a good way. Unobtrusive production, too, unlike “Lost Dogs.”

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Judith Miller out


Apparently not a parody


  1. Anonymous

    How could Jurkowitz do a whole column on the Theo thing and not comment on the anonymous smear in Shaughnessy’s Oct. 30 piece – the unattributed thing about who was really to blame for the nixed trade with Colorado? He didn’t even mention it!

  2. Anonymous

    Pardon my ignorance here, I don’t know this singer guy, but were these albums written about the Dems??They sure sound fitting…”The Missing Years” and “Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings” ( Missed election results this past Tuesday??) …hmmm..just wondering…(Some his titles:- Crazy As A Loon (one of many labels)- Taking A Walk ( is he talkin’ about Judy or all the lost seats??)- Some Humans Ain’t Human ( I am sure they think this of many GOPers)- Clay Pigeons (at least felt like one for the last few elections)- She Is My Everything ( Must be Pelosi..unfortunately or is it Hillary now)- I Hate It When That Happens To Me (list too long)- Bear Creek Blues ( Any kind of blues is fitting for depressed Dems)- Other Side Of Town (let’s take Capitol Hill if we can’t take the Penn Ave side)- Safety Joe (Wilson is that omni-present these days)I listened to snippets on Amazon..not bad…I can see how that could be a Dan kinda music…Enjoy it Dan.I just felt a bit fresh to rub in a bit of politics since you thought/wanted it devoid of any. Nothing is appearently. HaN.

  3. Random_individual

    As a Prine fan from back in the dark ages, I can tell N. that John loudly broadcasts his politics in his songs. One of the songs on this album features the phrase “some cowboy from Texas starts his own war in Iraq.” He’s been anti-war since the days of Sam Stone and Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore (a very appropriate song for today). I applaud Dan on his musical choices and regret we never discussed Prine while he still worked here at the Phoenix.Now if I could just get these songs out of my head…

  4. Anonymous

    Random, Dan is just half a mile away from you, down on Huntington Ave. A cup of Prine-reminiscing coffee is not so hard to arrange with an old colleage, is it???N.

  5. Anonymous

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