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Political partisans go at it outside Symphony Hall

[View the story “Sparks fly on Mass. Ave.” on Storify]

Storified Sal

We’re learning to use Storify today in my Reinventing the News class. Here is one I assembled on the news that former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi will testify before a federal grand jury in Worcester.

[View the story “Sal DiMasi returns” on Storify]

Tracking social media with Storify

Next semester, I plan to devote some time in my Reinventing the News course to using Storify, a tool that lets you search and pull together content from across a wide range of media — news stories, tweets, videos, photos and the like — in order to tell a story.

There’s an art to doing it well, so don’t take my first attempt (below) too seriously. Instead, you should have a look at Josh Stearns’ compilation on journalists who have been arrested at Occupied protests around the country. His piece was just recognized (and justly recognized) as the “Storify Story of the Year.”

I also think Storify works well for breaking news when there’s lots of citizen media to sift through. Here is an example from the Valley Independent Sentinel, in Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley, following a summer storm that moved through the area this past August.

For my first Storify story, I decided to take on the subpoena served on Twitter by the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, which could force the social network to reveal the identity of “Guido Fawkes,” whom the Boston police want to question in connection with something (what, exactly, is unclear) that took place in connection with Occupy Boston. Here’s what I came up with:

View the story “”Guido Fawkes” and the secret subpoena” on Storify]

It was a dark and Storified night

The next time I teach Reinventing the News, we will be using Storify. Take a look at how the Valley Independent Sentinel in Ansonia, Conn., covered a storm earlier this week, using Storify to bring together tweets, text, video and photos.

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