Media Nation seeks sponsorship

Would you like to advertise on Media Nation? I would like to hear from you. Media Nation is a Greater Boston blog that offers commentary on local and national media and politics, as well as occasional diversions into sports, culture, photography, technology and even dwarfism. Nearly 1,000 people visit Media Nation each weekday. For more information, contact me at dkennedy56 {at} gmail {dot} com.

Want to comment? Use your real name, first and last.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been getting an unusual number of comments lately from people who don’t seem to realize we have a real-names policy, first and last, at Media Nation — even though the first thing you see in the comment box is “Have something to say? Your real name, first and last, is required.”

Here is our commenting policy in more detail. And here is an interesting post on the good results news organizations are having when they turn their commenting system over to Facebook.

Media Nation seeks a new local sponsor

If you’re a Greater Boston business person and would like to help sponsor Media Nation, I’ve got a deal for you. To place a banner ad at the top of the page, please contact me at dkennedy56 at gmail dot com. You’ll be alternating with the Boston law firm Prince Lobel, whose ad will continue to appear in that space.

Welcome, Prince Lobel

Today we proudly announce our second local sponsor, the Boston law firm of Prince Lobel Glovsky & Tye, placed by friend of Media Nation Rob Bertsche, a prominent First Amendment lawyer who’s a partner at the firm. Prince Lobel joins Chan Miller Creative in rotation.

Introducing Media Nation’s first local sponsor

Due to my recent run-in with the Googletron, I decided to see if I could solicit some local advertising. Today I would like to introduce you to my first: Chan Miller Creative, whose banner ad graces the top of the page.

Go ahead and click — unlike the model that prevails elsewhere online, Media Nation does not charge extra per click. Which means that even I can click through without costing Chan Miller any additional money.

I am deeply appreciative of Chan Miller’s sponsorship of Media Nation, which came about when partner Ken Gornstein responded to this post. I’m hoping to unveil another local sponsor in the near future.

So what happened to Google ads? They’re now in the upper right, below the header, where the Flyerboard used to be. The Flyerboard, administered by the Boston Blogs advertising network, had fallen on hard times. I’ll bring it back if that changes.

Handling the technical details is Adam Gaffin, editor and publisher of Universal Hub. There is no better friend to the Boston blogging community than Adam.

Media Nation’s new business model

The Boston Globe has nothing on Media Nation. Last night, I added Google AdSense above the header in the hopes of generating a bit of revenue. I had tried several years ago, but messed something up and could never straighten it out.

This week, I finally figured out how to undo the damage. The indefatigable Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub — who also supplies local bloggers with the “Flyerboard” ad that appears in the right-hand column — helped me with the coding.

We’ll see what happens.