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Media Nation seeks sponsorship

Would you like to advertise on Media Nation? I would like to hear from you. Media Nation is a Greater Boston blog that offers commentary on local and national media and politics, as well as occasional diversions into sports, culture, photography, technology and even dwarfism. Nearly 1,000 people visit Media Nation each weekday. For more information, contact me at dkennedy56 {at} gmail {dot} com.

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  1. How does “sponsorship” differ from “advertise on”? I assume it doesn’t, although it sounds more pleasantly PBS-ish.

    I’d love some more “sponsorship” for my blog but, like most journalists, have no idea how to get it. Selling ads is really hard.

    I’ve seen some fine euphemisms online from sites desperate not to sound like they’re trolling for ads just like (shudder) mainstream media. My favorite was on BoingBoing, which occasionally has big, gooey postings giving a “shout-out” to the maker of overpriced vanity watches. I guess “shout out” sounds cooler than “sell out.”

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Dave: A sponsorship is an ad, with a slight twist. A sponsorship, unlike an ad, is sold at a flat rate — no counting of page views or click-throughs. That’s my definition, and I know a few other online publishers who also define it that way, though I doubt it’s universally understood.

  2. C.E. Stead

    DK – will you be accepting campaign advertising?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @C.E.: Well, that’s interesting. It hadn’t occurred to me that any might be offered. Campaign advertising already appears on the site from time to time through the vertical Google ad box at the top of the right-hand column. My preference would be not to handle any myself. But haven’t really thought it through.

  3. Peter Sullivan

    Romney for President plastered on top of Media nation…..

    Can’t wait…

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Peter: I didn’t see it, but someone told me a Herman Cain ad popped up in the Google space during the debate.

  4. Flat rate vs. click-throughs – interesting difference. Hadn’t thought of that.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Dave: And it’s not just for nonprofits. Howard Owens charges a flat rate for ads in The Batavian. Charging by page views is bad enough. Click-throughs is insane. No one clicks on ads except by mistake.

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