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Josh Marshall to Ezra Klein: Biden isn’t going anywhere

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo has written a long response to Ezra Klein’s fantasy idea of persuading President Biden to drop out of the campaign and throw the nomination open to the Democratic National Convention this August. The whole thing is worth your time, but here’s Marshall’s bottom line:

In life we constantly need to make choices on the basis of available options. Often they are imperfect or even bad options. The real options are the ones that have some shot at success. That’s life. Klein’s argument really amounts to a highly pessimistic but not unreasonable analysis of the present situation which he resolves with what amounts to a deus ex machina plot twist. That’s not a plan. It’s a recipe for paralysis.

Klein is smart and thoughtful, and his proposal is not a lazy one-off but, rather, well argued and evidence-based. But it’s not going to happen, and it almost certainly shouldn’t happen. Marshall has found the flaws.


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  1. Stephen Walker

    I wish we had a more liked candidate who was more charismatic. Please let him be in good health, especially between now and Jan 20 2024. Any falls, word stumbles, gaffes, miscalculations, and general health issues will be blown up beyond belief. The Orange Menace continues to eat hamberders.

    NuttyYahoo and the IDF might actually get Trump elected. And NuttyYahoo and AIPAC would welcome it.

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