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Linda Henry thanks Globe readers — but what about digital?

Today’s Boston Globe includes a full-page ad from CEO Linda Henry thanking readers for their support. Yet the ad appears only in the print edition, even though digital readers far outnumber print subscribers. I’ll give the Globe the benefit of the doubt and assume that many readers are like me — they often look at the e-edition, especially on Sunday.  Anyway, here’s the ad.

Update: Oops. Never mind. I figured I’d covered myself when I couldn’t find Henry’s message on the Globe’s website, but a couple of Media Nation readers immediately let me know that it went out in an email to subscribers on Saturday. I guess I should read my email more carefully.

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  1. Ruth R.

    I have a digital subscription and I got one, or maybe two letters from Linda H. In my email .

  2. Candy Thomson

    I received the letter as an email. I am a digital, not print, subscriber.

  3. John Regier

    I’m a digital subscriber. I got the message via email.

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