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The Eagle-Tribune accidentally publishes a page-one memo

The Eagle-Tribune, which is based in North Andover and serves the Merrimack Valley, accidentally published its page-one memo for Aug. 3 on its website. An alert reader sent it to me. It has since been taken down, but I saved it in Evernote. Nothing scandalous, but I thought you might get a kick out of getting a look at the sausage-making process. Below is the front page that the memo describes.

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  1. ron

    seems like they pre-allotte space to “trump” before the news cycle even begins

  2. ron

    and what is “trumpreax”?

    • dkennedy56

      That’s the story that’s headlined “Trahan: Trump sought to ‘overturn the will of the people.'”

      • ron

        Why is it “Trumpreax”? I don’t understand the spelling distinction….

  3. Calli Remillard

    This is fascinating! As an editor myself, I love getting a peek at the process that other newspapers use in their layout process. This is rather different than the way I do it, and that is really intriguing to me. Much to learn!

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