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Special non-delivery

It’s after 9 a.m., and we still don’t have our Sunday New York Times — but I’m guessing it has more to do with The Boston Globe. Friends on Facebook who get the Globe, but not the Times, are telling me that it’s arriving late and/or missing sections.

We don’t get the Globe in print anymore; we’re seven-day digital subscribers. But I’m guessing that our amazing delivery person didn’t drop off the Times at 6 a.m., as she usually does, because it wasn’t worth it to run her route without the Globe. I can’t say I blame her. By the way, this is the second or third week that the Times has been printed at Dow Jones’ facility in Chicopee rather than at the Globe’s Taunton plant.

If you’re going to charge an arm and a leg for the print edition, then you’ve got to perform. The Globe’s problems with its Taunton facility go back to the day it opened in 2017, and they’ve never been fully resolved.

Update: The Times was on our front porch when we got home from church a little before noon. And several people passed along this email from the Globe:

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Did you know that the Globe’s top listed price for 7-day print has hit $2,340 a year?


Mike Barnicle, Pulitzer winner


  1. brm90

    Daily delivery of my Wall Street Journal has also been inconsistent recently, FWIW.

    • pauljbass

      Same here! Sometimes they give me the wrong paper too (in New Haven)

  2. pauljbass

    Hang in there!

    • Dan Kennedy

      We’re seven-day digital/Sunday print with the Times. Honestly, I don’t even look at it; my wife likes it. I’ve already read the Times on my iPad.

      • pauljbass

        Believe it or not we use both print and digital heavily with NYT. Love the breaking news and quicker puzzles online. Love the deeper dives and longer crossword in print.

  3. Mark Laurence

    The noticeable thing about the Times printing change is that the pages are about an inch wider, the same size as the original paper printed in New York. This means the print size is about 5% bigger and it’s surprising how much improved that makes it for readability and appearance.

  4. Suzette Ciancio

    I just called the customer service # to report a missing newspaper. The first time the message was they couldn’t answer the phone because of the extremely high volume of calls. Please call later. The second time, a few minutes later I got an automated walk-though message. Did not need to keep keying in numbers and was promised a new paper by 2pm, please let us know if this happens again.

  5. I called to report no paper delivered this morning. But I had to call four or five times because my first attempts only reached a “call volume is too high, call back later” message. Not good. We’re Saturday and Sunday only subscribers wondering if it’s time to go digital only.

  6. Michele E Chausse

    Today is the second Sunday running without our Globe. We called to report it last week but it still never arrived. Not happy.

  7. Lex Alexander

    Newspapers underinvested in circulation for decades. Since the advent of the web, it has come back to bite them in the butt.

  8. I too didn’t get the news sections or the sports section today. Just the magazine, comics, ideas, movies. Evidently, there was a delay in getting the news sections to the carriers– and it’s not my carrier’s fault. She is an absolute rock star. She comes out in snowstorms, when the temps are below zero, no matter what. (My husband & I subscribe to both print and digital.) So, if this is going to be a way for the Globe to force us print subscribers over to all-digital, it will negatively impact the dedicated home delivery folks who have been done a great job for a very long time– and I would hate to see that happen.

  9. Stephen R Nelson

    The Globe was available at my local supermarket this morning. It appears to be intact so far. The supermarket also had the Times but I did not buy it and therefore don’t know if it has missing sections.

  10. Dan, I just switched from my Sunday print NYT subscription to the All Access digital. I really like getting the print edition on Sundays, but for the few weeks I wasn’t getting it at all, and for the previous 6 months maybe half the time. We’d had pretty reliable service for years before this.

    I got tired of calling for a refund. You are right–if they offer the service they need to provide it!

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