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The Obama portraits

After striking out the day before, we finally got to see the National Portrait Gallery paintings of Barack and Michelle Obama at the Museum of Fine Arts. It was a wonderful experience, and we enjoyed learning more about the artists, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald. I regard Obama and Dwight Eisenhower as the two best presidents of my lifetime, and I was too young to remember Ike.


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  1. Batchman

    I remember there was a big fuss about Trump not letting the Obamas in for their official portrait so they had to wait for Biden. Now that Biden is in, when are we going to see the official White House Trump portraits, I wonder?

    • Jeff

      Batchman – You got the story correct but THESE portraits (above) where commissioned for the National Portrait Gallery in D.C. What you where referring to are the Official Presidential Portraits that are hung in the White House.

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