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Boston Globe columnist Jeneé Osterheldt moves up to a masthead position

Boston Globe columnist Jeneé Osterheldt has been promoted to a masthead position, according to a memo to the staff that I obtained a little while ago. Osterheldt is now the Globe’s senior assistant managing editor for culture, talent and development.

Osterheldt has worked as the Globe’s culture columnist since 2019, writing frequently about issues of racial justice. The recipient of several prestigious awards, she is the force behind “A Beautiful Resistance,” a series of multimedia stories on “Black joy, Black lives.”

“She will continue to write and produce in her new role, though perhaps not quite so much,” according to the memo, from editor Brian McGrory and managing editors Jen Peter and Jason Tuohey.

“While she writes passionately about culture, inequality, race, and the many places where they intersect,” they added, “she has also forged an utterly vital role within the newsroom as an advisor to senior editors, a mentor to many staff members, and a key representative in the industry and community.”

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  1. Totally on background, IMO she wasn’t writing much useful anyhow and much of it was cushioned in a selfmade cloud. If she’s as good at editor functions as described, I would expect all will end up happier.



  2. Shoulda signed that “Fast-aging White Male.”



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