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Two years after leaving Braintree, the Boston Herald has still not returned

This photo was provided to Media Nation in August 2020 by a trusted source.

More than two years ago, Northeastern journalism student Deanna Schwartz — at the time an intern at GBH News’ “Beat the Press — learned that the Boston Herald had moved from its headquarters in Braintree to The Sun of Lowell. Both papers are owned by MediaNews Group, which in turn is owned by the notorious hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

On Sunday, Mark Pickering and Scott Van Voorhis reported in Contrarian Boston that the Herald has not returned to Braintree. “The Herald? They’re long gone. Long gone,” according to one person who was interviewed. Frankly, I didn’t think coming back was in the cards. The question in my mind is whether they’re working at The Sun or out of their homes. Does anyone want to share that information? I’ll post an update.

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  1. Barbara Long

    the herald left Braintree with no intention of moving back, herald left behind all large beautiful Boston herald photos on the walls at that Braintree office. Braintree is now some kind of a social service place or something. I believe the city reporter (maybe only one reporter) might have an office at Boston city hall, state reporter at the state house. (But if media news has to pay rent, I doubt they have anyone there) There is no “newsroom”. Editing is done in Colorado or wherever . Joe dwinell is now editor. He may work out of Lowell. The Editorial editor/features editor wouldn’t commute to Lowell, She doesn’t drive a car. In addition those medianews people, threw away all the old library clips and microfiche. The entire herald library. Including microfiche dating back to the sinking of the titanic. Medianews were the meanest people I ever came in contact with in my life.

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