Storm Lake Times editor Art Cullen, center, with his son Tom, a reporter for the Times, and his brother, John, the publisher.

We’ve got a great guest for the “What Works” podcast this week — Art Cullen, the editor of Iowa’s Storm Lake Times, who is at the center of the documentary “Storm Lake.” Please listen to the podcast, then watch the film, which will be shown on most PBS stations (including GBH-2) in Boston, tonight at 10. The documentary, which I previewed last week, tells the story of the Times’ fight for survival at a time when local papers across the country are cutting back and shutting down.

Later in the podcast, we hear from Northeastern University graduate student Zhaozhou Dai about what he and fellow grad student Maaisha Osman learned when they visited the New Haven Independent and its community radio station, WNHH-LP, on Election Night.

In Quick Takes, Ellen Clegg has some fun with a recent “Saturday Night Live” skit about local school boards — and reminds us of the importance of covering local politics. And I kick around the McClatchy newspaper chain, which recently ended its relationship with Report for America, apparently because RFA co-founder Steven Waldman hurt the feelings of its hedge fund owner.

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