Trump crosses the last remaining line

Donald Trump suggested this afternoon that Hillary Clinton be assassinated if she appoints judges who would restrict gun rights. His campaign is trying to spin it. But surely everyone understands that the Orange Menace just crossed the last remaining line.

It’s no longer a matter of whether Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, et al. will unendorse him. It’s whether they have the integrity and patriotism to invoke whatever emergency measures exist to remove him from the ticket.

Update: Charlie Pierce shares similar thoughts.

And now this:

6 thoughts on “Trump crosses the last remaining line

  1. I’ve heard Trump talk about Trojan horses infiltrating our country (I think in reference to immigration) — perhaps he could be seen as a sort of Trojan horse himself, with his supporters kind of like the children in the Nutcracker ballet hiding among Mother Ginger’s skirts.

    Actually, to be more serious, it seems to me that if no law enforcement response occurs from this latest line of Trump’s, he really will have undermined some of the foundation of our law and order.

    From “lock her up” to what Trump said about Clinton today — where will it go next? where will it end, if it isn’t ended at this point on the continuum?

  2. Mike Rice

    I imagine the world is no longer laughing at us – it’s howling. What a fiasco, as the long list of daunting problems facing this country continue to fester. Sad.

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